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About FFC 

Franco Festival Calgary (FFC), Calgary's first multicultural francophone festival was created in August 2011 and is an initiative of the Portail de l'Immigrant Association (PIA), a non-profit organization based in Calgary, Alberta. PIA launches a series of projects in different fields such as education; awareness and promotion of diversity, socio-cultural and economic integration.

Visit www.pia-calgary.ca to learn more about the PIA.

Franco Festival Calgary is a celebration of many Francophone cultures, from Africa to Europe, through Asia and the Americas using music, dance, cooking, crafts and other aspects that demonstrate the breadth and diversity of Canadian Heritage.

Our objectives

Create a sustainable event dedicated to artists who share the French language

French music floods the world with its sounds because of its diverse origins such as the Caribbean, Africa, America and Europe to name just a few. However, given that Calgary is not a city known for its French culture, a new festival was born: The Franco Festival of Calgary. The main objective is to not only be a sustainable event, but above all, to be a place where all cultures meet thus, allowing its actors to value, promote, and share it.

Develop a social network between Francophones, Francophiles and Anglophones

Festivals are opportunities for people to meet and exchange. Yet it also gives a chance to artists to connect and network with their audience. The festival will give you a chance to discover our artists and allow a better diffusion of our culture in Alberta, in Canada and in America.

Promote Francophone cultures through our art and music

Of course, the creation of a Francophone multicultural festival invites the connoisseur or layman to come and discover this event. It is crucial to promote our activities, art and music as it allows people to discover our culture, rich of its diversity.

Recognize the know-how of our artists, producers and cultural stakeholders

This festival will also be an opportunity to honor all our artists or people working in the shadow of artists and who contribute to the development of French culture. Unique and exceptional, this festival will also promote the talent of local artists, not to mention the many people working to vitality and the influence of our culture.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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